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Executive Secretary


The North Carolina Apple Growers Association is currently looking for a person to fill the role of Executive Secretary. This person should have all the desirable qualities expected of any good employee, including a great work ethic – willingness to work with other professionals, associations, and groups – willingness to attend association meetings and events (often in evenings) – and ability and eagerness to work with and support the NC Apple industry.


The candidate is also expected to have the skills and be able to handle the following major duties and responsibilities, this includes but is not limited to

1. Have an interest in, and understanding, of the NC Apple Industry.

2. Be Computer proficient with a working knowledge of QuickBooks, Word, and Excel. Along with general bookkeeping/accounting experience.

3. Ability to maintain Association information including information related to Board Members, Membership Records, and Association History.

4. Present a financial statement at each board meeting, prepare agenda for current meeting with minutes from the previous meeting, and take minutes for current meeting. Having copies available for all members. 

5. Members will make every effort to contact secretary primarily by email except in case of emergency or with a time sensitive matter or when email is not available and then to make contact via the association phone number. 

6. Keep the association web site, social media, and email contact list updated

7. Coordinate quarterly newsletters delivered to all NCAGA members and non-members upon request by email or USPS additionally posted on website.

8. Responsible for the facility arrangements, Exhibitors, Registration, Setup and operation of the Southeastern Apple Growers Meeting (Annually in January). which includes sending out information packets to former exhibitors and prospective new exhibitors with ample time for them to make arrangements to attend, as well as presenting all members attending the Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Apple Growers Association (following adjournment of the Southeastern meeting) a copy of the last years minutes, year-end report, income and expense record and tax information.

9. Serve as a liaison and point of contact between board and any entity that affects the apple industry (i.e. NCSU, NCDA&CS, Elected Officials, etc.)

10. This is a Part-Time position which will be evaluated annually, Salary will be determined by the board. 

Candidates interested in applying should send a short note describing yourself and your interest in the position and a resume demonstrating your qualifications to by 4/4/18 

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