2017 Southeastern Apple Growers Survey

We would like to encourage the attendees from the 2017 Southeastern Apple meeting to complete the following brief survey. Please fill out the simple survey and click submit. All entries are anonymous and we appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve the meeting year after year.

Welcome to your 2017 Southeast Apple Growers Meeting

Have you attended the Southeast Apple Growers Meeting in the past 3 years?
What did you like the most about the 2017 Meeting?
What did you like least about the 2017 Meeting?
What presentations/speakers did you find most beneficial?
Which topics, if any, did you find unnecessary or non-beneficial?
Please list 3 topics/presenters you would like to see at the 2018 meeting?
What are 3 improvements or changes you would like to see to make this meeting better in 2018?

Author: wwwncapp

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